When you log into the Product and Purchase management module, you will normally get the Inventory list as your startup page.

  • Other pages can be set as your startup page. Please contact your system administrator for help with this.

Empatix medical Product and Purchase Management modules consist of several main menus and functions.

  • Inventory list
  • Global product list
  • Purchase order list
  • Product pick list
  • Stock counting
  • Local products
Depending on the configuration in your system, the functionallity described on this page and other pages connected to this module might be different from client to client. Picture, categories and other details used in this user manual based on configuration used on


Empatix medical uses the following product classification:

  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Prescription-based medicine

The process for each product type may be different.

Empatix medical collaborates with pharmaceutical and medical equipment suppliers and distributors.

  • The Global product list therefore contains products that are uploaded and managed by our partners.
  • Our partners can link medicine and treatment to diagnoses. When this link is made, it is clear that this is a suggestion from our partner.

If you have products not listed in our system, we can upload them and make them available for you on the Global list.

  • The difference is that you can only send the PO as mail or fax and that the supplier cannot suggest/connect the medicine to any diagnosis.


Empatix medical uses the following classification for services:

  • Medical Examinations
  • Dental examinations
  • Physical Therapy examinations
  • Examinations by Other Therapists
  • In-house laboratory tests
  • External laboratory tests

If you perform services not found in any of these lists, please contact PT Empatix by mail:

We can normally add in new services within one working day


Empatix medical uses the following classification for local products:

  • Local Medical equipment
  • Local Pharmaceutical products
  • Local Prescription-based medicine

You may create as many local products as you want in each category. These products will be available on your inventory list, on the medicine list for doctors (when the doctor writes a prescription) and in your pharmacy.

The PO process is the same, but you can only print out the PO order and send it as fax or attachment to your local supplier.

This product cannot be linked to any diagnosis or other service.

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