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  • All that are sending products to other departments or returning to head office a supplier like:
  • Department/outlet returning to head office
  • Head office sending to department/outlet
  • Department/outlet sending to another department/outlet.
  • In an organization such as a clinic chain or hospital with several departments or outlets, it is possible to see the stock supply at other locations.
  • It is further possible to work electronically with Sales and Purchase orders among the departments.
  • In this case all departments (1) are both sellers and buyers.
  • External suppliers (2) have a separate system that is not included in this user manual.

Empatix Supplier management (SM)


  • After you log in, you will get the Supplier - incoming order as your startup page.
  1. Other pages can be set as your startup page. Please contact your system administrator for help.
  2. This is dependent on what other work tasks you are assigned and which modules and functionalities you have access to.
  • The Supplier module consist of four main menus:
  1. Incoming Orders
  2. Product Pick list
  3. My Product
  4. My Customers
  • Each of these is described on the next pages.

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