After you log in, you will get the medical examination list or the Point of Sales list (POS) as your startup page.

  • The POS list will display all available products with product price and quantity in your Pharmacy
  • If quantity is 0, it will not be possible to add the product to basket
  • The easiest way to find a product is to use the quick search field.
  • You only need to write a few letters of the product name or number and the list will automatically only display products with those letter or numbers in product name or product number
Empatix Point of sales


Only products that are at the warehouse can be picked at the POS. The Add button is less visible if there is 0 amount of that product, and you get a warning that nothing of that product is left.

To adjust warehouse amount, access to Stock counting is necessary. All changes in stock from other than normal use of POS or from examination form are logged and displayed in deviation reports

Please read more about Stock counting here: Stock counting


  • 1, Find product by writing name, or product number in the quick search filed.
  • 2, Add to basket with the Add button.
  • Repeat if several items of same type
  • 3, Write in amount received from customer
  • 4, Refund to customer is clearly displayed
  • 5, Click Cash button and receipt is printed automatically
  • If paid with CC card use the Credit card button.
Empatix point of sales (POS)


The POS module has several reports. Everyone with a POS role has access to a report from which they can select date and time, plus several other options, such as payment types.

The report for individuals is the My Shift report in the Personnel menu.

The store manager has access to a similar report, where he/she can select for all or individual employees

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